Welcome to my attempt to live fully and honestly, to sing out the song of myself, to truly know who I am......

.....either that or the ramblings of a barely coherant, tired out mum of two!!

Thursday, 31 January 2013


I cried in the deepest darkness night
and Daddy came
with evil in his heart
and lust in his eyes.

I cried when I fell and hurt
and Daddy came 
with poker
and with broom handle.

I cried.
But Daddy had no kind word
No arms to hold me
No healing
and no comfort.

I cry in the deepest darkest night
And Daddy God comes
with Grace in his heart
and love in His eyes.

I cry when I fall and hurt
and Daddy God comes
with arms opened wide
and a gentle smile.

I cry
And Father God has kind words
and arms to hold me

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