Welcome to my attempt to live fully and honestly, to sing out the song of myself, to truly know who I am......

.....either that or the ramblings of a barely coherant, tired out mum of two!!

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Baby Blogger - Urgh!

Just when mummy and daddy thought I was getting better I threw up all over their bed - twice - and in two different places!

I feel a bit better today but I'm not going to go to nursery .... maybe tomorrow if I'm ok today.

Mummy's belly is good to jump on but something in there keeps kicking back. Mummy says it's my little sister but I'm not convinced!

Peter xx

Monday, 17 January 2005

What a Week that Was!

Last week I started to get a pain in my chest just below my left boob. It got worse so on Monday I went to the doctor who prescribed Gaviscon. It didn't improve so on Tuesday morning I rang the Maternity unit. They told me to come in. After several hours and several tests they admitted me to the ward. More tests followed and the consultant seemed quite worried about my condition.

Eventually they had all but ruled out anything serious - although they couldn't quite rule out pulmonary embolism. I am therefore now on daily injections to thin my blood to sort out any clot. They allowed me home on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday my son was sent home early from nursery due to lethargy and high temperature. He was diagnosed with a throat infection. The high temperature made him vomit - a lot!

He is much better this morning but now my husband is feeling under the weather - hopefully it's just down to lack of sleep!

I am back at work but under instruction to take it easy - no running about. I still have the pain and the shortness of breath but I am ok as long as I don't overdo it.

Isn't life grand!

Baby Blogger - Difficult Week

I have had a very hard week. Mummy went away to a big place with lots of people - she had to stay there for a few days. Daddy says it was a hospital. I don't really know why she had to stay away - Daddy says she was poorly.

Anyway Mummy came home on Thursday and then on Friday I was sick and had a very hot head. I had to come home early from nursery. I just wanted to sleep and cuddle mummy. I was hot and tired all weekend. I don't think mummy or daddy gor much sleep.

Today daddy is feeling poorly too - I hope we don't have to go and stay where mummy was.

My baby sister is ok though - I like to bounce on mummy's big tummy - mummy doesn't like it much!!!

Peter xx

Friday, 7 January 2005

Baby Blogger - Sleeping

Well did I make my parents work hard last night!! I went to sleep ok at bedtime but then just when they had gone off to sleep I woke up! Daddy gave me a bottle of milk - yummy! - and then I want him to stay with me until I was asleep. Daddy and Mummy didn't stay but kept leaving me by myself so I kept them up for an hour or so before I finally went to sleep.

Mummy and Daddy were tired this morning and were late for work!!

Peter xx

Thursday, 6 January 2005

Baby Blogger

I am Peter. I am 18 months old. I live with mummy and daddy. I go to nursery and play with lots of other little people like me.

I have a left - sided hemiplegia which means my hand doesn't work properly and I am not quite walking yet. This doesn't bother me as I can get around really fast on my hands and knees.

My mummy is having another baby - it is a girl - this means I will have a little sister. I don't know where she is going to sleep as I am in the nursery! I hope she doesn't take up all of mummys time because I was here first!

I will post all my milestones and news so everyone can see how I and 'Baldricka the Bump' are getting on.

Peter xx