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Sunday, 26 July 2009

A year or so in the life of Scog Blog part 2 - surgery

My first of three operations was abdominal surgery of the type intended to prevent the patter of any more tiny feet!

It was meant to be a routine operation, keyhole style, with an overnight stay and back home to recuperate. Things didn't quite turn out that way.

During the operation the surgeon sliced through an artery resulting in them having to enlarge the incision to be able to clamp the vessel. I lost about 5 pints of blood whilst they tried to repair the damage and I was attended by 9 surgeons/doctors/aneathetists as they fought to save my life.

Afterwards I was in hospital for almost a week before being sent home. I was at home for one night before it became obvious that my wound had become infected - the infection started deep and bubbled up to the surface. Shane took be back to A&E and I was admitted to a different ward.

The doctor on the new ward prescribed an antibiotic but the pharmacist disagreed with the prescription and so I was left on the ward with no treatment - not even dressing changes for 2 days!

By this time I was getting quite desperate and finally a consultant from the original ward came down and got me moved up to her ward where I finally recieved treatment. I was in hospital for a further two weeks before being released. I was treated at home for a further two weeks before my wound finally healed.

Surgery number 2 was investigative knee surgery to identify what is causing me so much pain. The MRI had been inconclusive. The surgery showed that the damage to my anterior cruciate ligament had worsened and was now in need of surgical repair.

I first damaged my acl about 10 days before my wedding and consequently got married on crutches!

My third surgery was the acl reconstruction which went very well. I am still recieving physio and trying to strengthen the other muscles and ligaments as well. During the surgery they take about 8 inches of my hamstring and use it to create a new acl. I still have numb bits where the nerve endings have been damaged.

My knee is still painful but the consultant says that it is arthritis and theres nothing he can do about it - oh deep, deep joy!!!

I am beginning to accept that my knee will never be very good, will always give me some degree of pain and I need to just get used to the idea!

So that surgery - I may post a few photos of scars and things but I don't want to put anyone off there tea!!