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Friday, 2 November 2007

Medieval Practices - A warning.

If you are a parent and have ever had any experience of mental illness be afraid - be very afraid.

I was watching 'This Morning' earlier and they were interviewing a young woman (22) who had had a bout of mental illness including self harming after she was assaulted as a mid teen.

She is now expecting her first child and social services are standing by to take away her new born at the time of birth because a doctor who has never met her has decided she is a risk to her child because of her mental health history.

Once the baby arrives she will no longer be able to fight publicly against the decision as she will be subject to a gagging order.

This woman has never done anything wrong. She has no record of harming children yet dhe will not be given the chance to prove her parental ability because one doctor who does not know her has condemned her.

Let me repeat that: A doctor who has never examined this young woman has judged her to be a risk and so despite the evidence of doctors who have treated her to the contrary she will never be allowed to keep her child.

Is this justice or an abuse of power?

John Hemming MP (www.johnhemming.blogspot.com) is leading a campaign to make the family court more transparent and to stop it using its power to gag people. I would urge you to pledge him your support.