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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Baby Blogger - Hello

we have been so busy we forgot to blog!!

Peter - I am now four and a half and I have been going to school since last September. I am driving mummy and daddy banannas but I don't mean to I am just learning about everything. ellie and I fight a lot but she keeps taking my toys and won't let me play with hers. Mummy says she needs to learn about sharing. I still wear my foot splint and I have one at night to. Mummy and daddy say they are very pleased with my progress.


Eleanor - I am now two and a half years old and I am having what daddy calls the 'terrible twos'. I just get very frustrated because people don't always understand me and I don't always get what i want. I am doing well at Nursery. we all went on holiday to florida last year and had a great time. Peter and I really enjoyed the pool at the house.


Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Why Don't They Tell You?

Why Don't They Tell You?
I was just wondering why all those glossy parenting magazines never tell the truth of how piggin' difficult looking after and bringing up children actually is.

They don't tell you that you'll be cut up and/or torn and will have to pee sitting in a bath of cold water for weeks. They don't tell you how painful breast feeding can be or that you might end up being at it for hours on end. They don't tell how distressing for mum and dad sibling rivalry can be or how excruciatingly high pitched a childs whine can actually be. They don't tell you that not everyone is a natural mother and bonding and developing relationships with these vulnerable little ones can feel like an uphill struggle.

They only tell you about the joy and the love and the mystery and miracle of having kids.

I would of like to have known both sides - I would of still had my two beautiful babies but I might have been a bit more prepared for the reality and not so tangled up with the dream and the longing.