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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A year or so in the life of Scog Blog part 1

While on my friends blog I noticed that it was a whole year since I last blogged!!

I'm not really sure how that happened. I will try to fill you in on what has happened in the last year or so.

first in brief:

I got a new job in December 2007 and left NTU.
I had an operation in February 2008 - abdominal surgery - caught an infection had three weeks in hospital and lost my new job.
Became vice chair of governors at Peters school.
Had a holiday.
Didn't find a new job...
Became assistant treasurer to the tertiary order of the Holy Paraclete.
Had another birthday in October.
Had investigative knee surgery in November.
Went to see Meatloaf at the Trent FM Arena
Had Christmas and New Year.
Had a crutiate ligament repair (more knee surgery)in January.
Still on crutches - six month post operative recovery period.

So thats it in brief - I will try to fill in more details in further posts.